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BeingWE Testimonials

Keren Lifrak | Founder of BeingWE   Alyson Zildjian | Chef & Owner of Zildjian Catering   Dr. Jane S. Goldner | WRC Board Member & Author of “Women Driven to Success: You Can Have YOUR ALL”

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SRQ Daily Mention: “The WRC Presents BeingWE (Being Women Empowered)”

Women are natural-born leaders. Yet, many feel overwhelmed by attempting to juggle life’s demands and have it all—home, family and career. How to balance work and home life? The Women’s Resource Center will explore these issues with BeingWE (Being Women Empowered), a guided conversation series for women by women, created by Keren Lifrak, an area-based entrepreneur […]

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The Birth of BeingWE

“There’s an old saying that goes: give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. I say: teach a woman how to fish — and she’ll provide for the whole village.” — Keren Lifrak Twelve years ago, standing in my […]

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